How To Unblock Blocked Websites With


Before delving into the steps on how to unblock blocked sites using our web proxy, let's discuss some of the basics of how a web proxy works and how to unblock blocked sites with a web proxy.


How a Web Proxy works?

How web proxy works


As shown in the previous image, the web proxy acts as an intermediary between a client and a server. In our case, your web browser acts as a client and any website you visit (for example, acts as a server.

Therefore, each time you try to visit a website with our proxy, your request will be sent to the proxy server and the proxy server will send your request to the destination server. The response received from the destination server is cached on the proxy server and the cached content is provided in response to the requestor.

Since you are visiting the blocked websites through a proxy server and not directly, you will have unrestricted access to all websites unless the proxy server can not access that website (which is very rare).


Unblocking Websites with

Follow these steps to unblock the blocked sites with our web proxy,


Video Proxy Site


    • Type in the URL you want to visit or click one on the quicklinks


Unblock blocked websites


    • That's it, You are in


Unblocked website